Hello Everyone!

I hope you are having a relaxing week-end! Nothing like a quick getaway to Bali to recharge. I've rarely met people who don't like Bali and we are no different. I'm pleased to see that there is a new mall in the heart of Kuta Beach which is the swanky happening spot with the cool vibe. My family and I have been here before and we stayed on Seminyak Beach but this time we have decided to check out the Stones Autograph Collection Hotel Legion, which is located on the edge of Kuta. Great location, not disappointed. I feel so lucky that we  are holidaying in this little piece of heaven and what a better occasion to wear my goddess dress than this dreamy place? 
I bought this dress a while back but have only worn it once. It is such a shame that we buy all these outfits that we only wear once. Of course I did a little shopping for this getaway but I also brought with me some oldies but goodies. This holiday was the perfect occasion to wear this goddess dress again which I think conforms very well to my idea of a seaside holiday: easy breezy elegance! 

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Dress: BCBG
Necklace: Zara
Bag and Shoes: DVF



Hello Everyone!

How is your week-end going? One good thing about being expat is that you get to experience diverse cultures in such a enriching way. Last night my family and I were invited at a friend's house for a Deepavali party. It was lovely and the food was so delicious! 

Talking about food, Larry and I had a lovely lunch the other day at our favorite Japanese restaurant and I what I wore was this distressed jeans. Slowly, I'm going back to wearing jeans again. I have stopped wearing jeans for so long after we moved here. I love the gold sequins and the gold shoes as they make the whole look chic!

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Tee: CH Carolina Herrera
Jacket: Milly
Jeans: Mango, here
Shoes: Jimmy Choo, here
Bag: Chanel




 Three days ago, the American Association of Malaysia held a Pink Lady High Tea at the Ritz Carlton here in Kuala Lumpur in  honor of breast cancer awareness month. October is the breast Cancer awareness month and pink symbolizes the color of breast cancer awareness. It only makes sense that  I went to the High Tea wearing a pink dress. 

  Recently, a friend of mine has breast  cancer. A routine self breasts exam revealed a lump. Few days later the doctor confirmed that it was cancer. Though she is strong women, I can clearly see how the disease has affected her( and her family as well!). 

Two years ago another friend lost her mom to breast cancer.  Needless to say that we all know someone whose parent or friend has suffered or died from the disease so I encourage all of you to check your breasts regularly in the comfort of your home for early detection of lump. But ultimately a Mammogram or MRI done by a doctor is the best way to detect the disease in its early stages.  Early detection gives a better chance to beat the cancer. On a larger scale, Fashion is more than clothes, shoes and style because it includes Health!

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Dress: Kate Spade
Headpiece: Lovisa
Earrings: Swarowsky
Bag: Oroton
Bracelet and watch: Cartier
Shoes: Jimmy Choo



Hello Everybody!
How is everybody doing?
This week, we finally bought a new bicycle for my younger daughter and I was very delighted yesterday be the first one to help her ride it. As a mother the true joy you experience is to see your children doing simple things. Today was her dad's turn and she was exhausted aftermath.  She is quite excited to be riding a bicycle these days.
Finally wearing this dress that I bought back in Summer but never wore. I find it ironic that as a blogger I bought such a beautiful dress and didn't  wear it for many months. Sometimes, I  feel like as an expat living in foreign country is so easy to let oneself go.  But I guess this is one of the reasons why I have started a clothing line for children and also this blog. I need to keep challenging myself so when we go back to the States, I can be intellectually and physically as sharp as I can be.

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 Dress: CH Carolina Herrera
Shoes: Louboutin
Sunglasses: Prada
Bag: Oroton
Black bracelet: Swarowsky
Earrings and Love Bracelet: Cartier





Hello Everyone!
How is your week going so far? Mine is going well and I'm looking forward to a fun week-end as well! I found these cute white jeans at Topshop and instantly fell in love! This high-waisted stretch jeans with rip knee detail got me feeling good. Yeah, Beyonce is not the only Topshop fan. I love Topshop as well but honestly I don't have too many options available here.. Ok, let me just say out loud what many expats have been saying all these years: shopping in Kuala Lumpur is boring. Malaysia is known for its beautiful beaches but surely not for shopping, at least not yet.  Stores like Topshop offer good designs at raisonable price and the quality is relatively good. I love and have high end designers clothes and bags but I can't afford to buy high end designers everyday. Topshop is one of the very few options available here to always stay fabulous at raisonable price. 
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Jean: Topshop, available here
Top: Nine West
Shoes: Valentino
Bracelet: Oroton
Necklace: Oroton
Sunglasses: can't remember where I bought these
Bag: Yves Saint Laurent